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I enjoy photography. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, with which I took some pretty awful pictures. This, it has to be said, owed more to my lack of experience in photography (I was in my early teens) than any limitations in the camera. At 18, I graduated to a Canon AV-1, which lasted 18½ years before developing a shutter problem which left it unusable. I then moved a Canon EOS 300, which I used for 11 years before going digital and compact with an Olympus VR-320, which was the best option available to me through Air Miles. Fortunately, the quality of my photography has improved substantially over the years. I generally prefer to photograph landscapes, architecture and plants. I even photograph people sometimes! These have in common that they don't generally move at any great speed. I am not proficient in action photography. Some samples of my photography can be found here.



I also enjoy playing with and engineering computers. I have built several computers from boards, drives etc. from a variety of manufacturers over the last few years. I now run Windows 10 Home on an HP desktop and an HP Laptop.



In December 2008 I discovered the joys of snowshoeing, and in winter I am to be found at the top of Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver when I can, assuming decent conditions underfoot. I also enjoy mountain hiking in summer. Some mountain photos are included in my photo gallery.

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