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removing excess wax from candles in St. Mary's Church, Hanwell, UK on January 1, 2006.

A mug shot taken in February 2008.

I was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England in 1963. I went to Birmingham University, where I took a degree in physics, graduating in July 1984. Since leaving Birmingham I have worked for BBC Enterprises, Molinare and Sky Television, beginning as a trainee Recording (Videotape and Telecine) Operator, eventually rising to Senior Videotape Editor. In June 1995, I formed my own company, and went freelance in September 1995, beginning part-time study at the same time. I was, as a result, awarded a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy of Religion by King's College, London in December 1997, and a PhD in theology, also by King's College, London in September 2004. I emigrated to Canada in July 2006, and became Canadian citizen in March 2011. I now work as an academic copy-editor.

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